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White Label Website

This White Label Website includes:

  • Tailored Website Design
  • 10 Pages
  • Clean Responsive Design
  • Fully Optimized For SEO
  • Built For Speed
  • Optimized For Sales


At Authority Crew, we host your site in top-grade, dedicated servers. We know how important it is to keep your name clean and on the good list with Google. We only host selected websites, which means you will not share hosting with any pharma, adult, or otherwise inappropriate sites.

Included in our premium hosting is monthly backups to the Amazon S3 cloud, daily server backups, personalized email accounts with your domain, FTP access for file transfers, and of course, WordPress support! We keep all plugins and themes updated, so your site remains fast and optimized.

Our premium WordPress hosting includes a SSL Certificate from Cloudflare! At Authority Crew, we believe in providing everything you need to succeed within our services. Malicious cyber-attacks happen every day. Furthermore, Google now strongly recommends your site has an SSL Certificate, and even prioritizes SSL secured websites. Show your site visitors that you care about their security with the SSL certificate they have come to expect.

Hosting on our servers is only $300 a year!

Our basic template comes with five pre-designed pages. However, what if you can’t seem to squeeze all the information you want to share onto them? No need to worry! We can easily add as many additional pages to your website as you need.

Each additional page design is only $80.

Content Customization

At Authority Crew, we understand that many businesses already have plenty of carefully crafted content ready to be placed on their new website. Very often this is from a previous site, but it could also be sitting in a folder on your office PC. Information used for mailers, commercials, or other forms of marketing.

We include adding provided images and text content to any of our designs for our low price.

Custom Content

We also understand that in some cases, businesses might not have any content ready (e.g., brand new companies). Or only have partial content (e.g., about and service information, but nothing for the homepage).

Over ten years in the web development business, we have built up a team of reliable and talented copywriters who can put together something just for you.

Send the right message with professionally-written copy for only $20 per 500 words!

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